More than just the installation of solar panels [Levante-EMV]

On Saturday 6 April, Spanish law changed through the new act 244/2019, regulating self-consumption of electricity. Spain definitively leaves behind previous taxes (known as the sun tax) and launches itself firmly towards a new energy reality, in which each citizen will have new options to generate their own energy through solar panels. Self-consumption means a […]

My personal blog

Today my personal blog is created. Where you will find my vision of the two worlds I love: electric mobility and solar energy. I will regularly be hanging all kinds of content in the form of articles, courses, events, interviews,… so subscribe and get the latest on the energy revolution that awaits us: In […]

The electric car is getting closer and closer [El Mundo]

There is a lot of talk these days about the introduction of the electric vehicles. Debates and more debates in which defenders of the new model of mobility appear. Spain is a country of contrasts. In a very short time, we have gone from having a sun tax’ with sanctions for self-consumption to a draft […]

Environment Day [Toastmaster Valencia]

This is the typical ball of the world our parents bought us when we were young. Somehow… it can symbolize the most immaterial heritage they leave us: the place where we live. Today, this ball of the world I suppose will be digital, but… Do you think that when you give this ball to your […]

Central inverters or string? Now yes, both!

In a previous article, I wondered what type of topology was ideal for large installations (utility scale), well, I acknowledge my lack of criteria, because I will contradict myself after about 1 year. In my defense I will say that having in my hands an equipment that meets both features has impacted me a lot, […]

Solar pumping and some particularities

The aim of this article is to help all those who, like me, have worked for a long time in the photovoltaic world, acquired knowledge and accurate practices, and wish to enter the marvelous world of solar pumping. Specifically, this article deals with the variable speed drive as the main element for the search for […]

Central or String Inverters? Perhaps neither!

Central or String Inverters? Perhaps neither!