Eventos Javier Tomas 2019

In this post I will be highlighting some of the most interesting eventos where I have participated in 2019.

Events 2019

Challenges and opportunities of the electric mobility [Eneryear Congress 2019] 03/07/2019

A real pleasure to participate in one of the biggest congress in solar energy. As always Energyer find the attention of the most important players in the market, decision makers specially.

I have added my view about one of the new speeches talking about electric mobility.

II International Congress of Electrical Engineering [iENER´19] 27/06/2019

Climate change is a scientific reality that few people dare to question today. The way in which we move is one of the areas in which we have to act, both individuals and companies have an obligation to get involved. We must understand the situation and make decisions that end up solving a collective problem.

For this, we have technological solutions such as the electric car. Its current implementation is small, but its evolution and good future prospects are undeniable. The change of model towards a more sustainable mobility is a global challenge, in which it is expected that the pros will surpass the cons that still exist today. Despite them, it is undeniable that the electric car is going to play a big role in the European objectives of decarbonization and improvement of air quality.

The change towards this new mobility is essential, whether through the electric car or other alternatives that may appear. This change can only be possible if people understand both the existing environmental problem and the new technologies that will mark our new path. If we specify about the electric car, which is a small electrical installation with wheels, it will be essential that all drivers who are neither electricians nor have electrical studies, have clear their main concepts and can drive them being aware of their particularities. It is a process that already occurred with the appearance of combustion cars more than 100 years ago, and it is time to relearn.

Finally, if the understanding of the electric car is important, so is everything related to its electric recharge. There is no movement of a car without its corresponding refueling, and the electric car has its own characteristics that will be of vital importance to understand. The lack of knowledge will undoubtedly be a major brake on the development of an extremely important technology in the fight against climate change.

Electrical revolution in the garage [ASTRAUTO] 08/06/2019

Glad to have participated in the General Assembly of Astrauto and its “Electric Revolution in the garage”. I am convinced that the garages will play a leading role in the implementation of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Smart Mobility Demo Day [AVAESEN] 10/05/2019

Today I participated in the round table on electric mobility in which representatives of the local administration and companies of the sector took part to learn about success stories, challenges and solutions to the main challenges presented by mobility in large cities.

Power Electronics presents the Master in Energy Transformation 04/04/2019

Today we have presented in Alzira the Master in Energy Transformation Power Electronics, which will start next year. The event was part of the Spring University (University of Valencia).

4th Spring University of Alzira

We are aware that the energy sector is undergoing profound change. Global energy consumption is growing and there is a shift to renewable energy sources. To this end, the Corporate University of Power Electronics, together with the University of Valencia, has developed a complete programme with specific training in new technologies to develop the new systems and tools needed to face the incipient energy transition.

Institute of Corpuscular Physics [University of Valencia] networking conference 26/03/2019

Networking day at the University of Valencia. Where we have seen the employability opportunities of the renewable energy sector, a sector in continuous growth and expansion.

Energy Cluster Meeting [Diputación council] 01/03/2019

Intervention with the energy cluster in the visit to the Iberdrola combined cycle power station together with the Castellón Provincial Council and the rest of the partners. The importance of energy saving in sectors such as ceramics has focused part of the meeting.

Power Electronics contributes to the growth of this industrial sector with its latest generation inverters and starters www.power-electronics.com

Power Electronics at the Polytechnic University of Valencia [UPV] 27/02/2017

This week I visited the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería del Diseño of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Moving the students of Mechanics (GIM), Electronics and Automation (GIEIA) the great future offered by the renewable energy sector and the role that Power Electronics plays in the sector.

The talk dealt with the main future challenges posed by electric mobility and the importance of specialisation in academic and professional training.

Energy Cluster Meeting, Regional Ministry of Economy and IVACE 06/02/2019

It is very positive that both administrations and private companies are working together towards the common goal of decarbonization of the economy. In this sense, this meeting of the Energy Cluster of the Valencian Community makes it clear that Valencian companies related to energy are prepared to lead the transition process towards this goal.

From Power Electronics we have been able to expose our work plan in the matter of renewable energies and electrical mobility, as well as the value that we contribute within the Valencian Community, as much at level of innovation as of creation of employment.

We have talked about the growth and specialization of the company, which has been designing and manufacturingvariable speed drives and low and medium voltage softstarters for more than 30 years, and is currently nº1 in the USA and UKin utility scale solar inverters.

As always, showing with strength the perception of quality on thepart of the clients and the personalized service 24/7that distinguishes us.

ITC-BT-52 [APCAS] Course on Chargers and Regulation [APCAS] 25/01/2019

On this occasion, we have shared experiences on electric chargers and the regulations for their installation ITC-BT 52, with friends of APCAS “Association of Insurance Experts and Breakdown Commissioners”

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