Eventos Javier Tomas 2019

In this post I will be highlighting some of the most interesting eventos where I have participated in 2019.

Conference on Renewable Energies and Energy Transition [CIPFP]

Today I participated as Director of the Corporate University of Power Electronics in the Round Table on electric mobility in the Conference on Renewable Energy and Energy Transition held at the Public Integrated Training Center of Catarroja.   Taking advantage of the presence of students and the forum in which we are, I will take […]

R+D+i. Technological Challenges in Spain II Edition [UNEF – Soltec]

As everything has changed for just 1 year, congratulating us on the reactivation of the Spanish market; and today we are already talking about the various GW that are being installed (4GW of the auctions of 2017 and out of them probably double). Plus those to be installed, at a rate of a minimum of […]

Smart Cities [Polytechnic University of Valencia]

I believe that when we think of the intelligent cities of the future, nobody imagines them with a pollution cloud like those that may exist today in Madrid, Beijing or in many of the great cities of the world. We’re not on the right track. The UN has already warned us with specific dates and […]

Electric mobility and self-consumption [Congress #EnergyRevolution AVAESEN]

The world is changing and we are facing a great revolution. At the same time, we are at a critical moment, the UN has already warned us with specific dates and deadlines. If we do not change the way we behave before 2040, the global average temperature will increase at 1´5º C (with respect to […]

XI Conference on renewable energies [Polytechnic University of Valencia]

Congratulations to the Polytechnic University for this Conference on Renewable Energies. I read in La Vanguardia at the beginning of this month that in November 35.4% of the energy generated came from renewable sources, in a month that is not the best for solar energy, and this is already a very good starting point. From […]

R+D+i. Technological challenges in Spain [Expansión – Soltec]

It is often said that Spain is not a country for scientists, but this is something that is not really true in our sector, quite the opposite. And as this one shows; the different national manufacturers that lead the world renewable energy sector from Spain; we, for example, in Power Electronics, dedicate more than 7% […]