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More than 10 years with one foot in front of a solar inverter and another in the monitoring system of a photovoltaic plant, passing through the airports of 24 different countries, give me a solid base to embrace my true passion: technical teaching.

Thanks to a great project like the one I develop from the Corporate University of Power Electronics, I can contribute to the technical training of colleagues and clients by contributing my practical experience with renewable energies, while I can disseminate about the exciting present and future of the electric mobility.

Always with a motto: “It is very difficult to beat someone who never gives up.”

Javier Tomas ponente

Everything you must know about the electric car

Javier Tomas libro coche electrico 2

The book that will teach you everything about the global future of mobility

✔ Is it the car of the future or of the past?
✔ Is the investment profitable?
✔ Do you have adequate autonomy for me?
✔ Buy an electric car now?
✔ What recharge options do I have?
✔ How much time will it cost me?

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Publication of the II Congress of Electric Energy iENER´19 book

The book of the Second Conference on Electrical Engineering iENER´19 is now public. From here I show you how to download it and a summary of the central focus of my intervention.

Eventos Javier Tomas 2019

In this post I will be highlighting some of the most interesting eventos where I have participated in 2019.

More than just the installation of solar panels [Levante-EMV]

On Saturday 6 April, Spanish law changed through the new act 244/2019, regulating self-consumption of electricity. Spain definitively leaves behind previous taxes (known as the sun tax) and launches itself firmly towards a new energy reality, in which each citizen will have new options to generate their own energy through solar panels. Self-consumption means a […]

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